The Pooped Pooch is pleased to announce that we have won the "Best of Boston" pet sitting award.

Best of Boston 2011

The article above is from the 2010 "Best of Boston" issue of Boston Magazine.


“I called "the pooped pooch" at the very last minute before the Patriot's day week-end. My cat was sick and needed medication. Mark was incredibly helpful and trustful. I immediately felt I could leave without any worries. He did a perfect job, and I would recommend his work to my friends! Don't hesitate!”- Sylvie

“The Pooped Pooch is outstanding! We have a geriatric deaf cat that spooks easily and has never really mixed well with others. Kennels were just not an option, and we had run out of friends to drop by our place when we were out of town. After finding the Pooped Pooch online, we gave Mark a call. He came by to introduce himself the next day. His relaxed manner and initial interview questions sealed the deal. We knew we had found something special, when after leaving on vacation we received a voicemail to assure us that our cat had received a visit and she was doing fine. The Pooped Pooch is easy to schedule, always punctual and is sensitive to our pet's needs. I would recommend their services to anyone in Boston who cares about their pet. I really appreciate going out of town and no longer needing to worry about our pet's health and safety!” - Christopher S.

“I found The Pooped Pooch after doing a few searches online for local dog walkers. The owner, Mark, received glowing reviews from all of his clients and I soon found out why. When Mark came over to meet my 8 week old Puggle he brought with him a huge presence and some hard truths- my dog was going to be a terror! By nature Puggles are energetic and stubborn- training him was going to be hard work. That's where Mark really stepped up. He acted as both trainer and dog walker- He was always there with spot on advice, helpful tips, and words of reassurance when I thought there was no hope for my little monster. Incredibly knowledgeable and patient, Mark helped me manage the biting, jumping, pooping in the house, and bad behavior in general- all with a smile on his face. Mark is efficient, amazingly flexible, trustworthy, and an all around nice guy. His fees are the most reasonable in the area and I really felt like my dog was being well cared for in my absence. I am a nurse and work long shifts, but I was comfortable knowing that Mark would be tending to my pup. If i ever got hung up at work, he was always available to pop over and let the dog out again or keep him with him for a little while. My dog and I relocated out of the area but we both miss Mark terribly. I highly highly recommend giving him a call if you are in the market for a dog walker, your dog will thank you!” - Jennifer Taggart

“After working in Shreveport, Louisiana and Albuquerque, NM, I thought I'd come to the Promised Land when I'd gotten a job in Boston. There were dog-devoted websites; there were numerous listings for dog day care, dog walking and training. Even in the cold of December, it looked promising. I was mistaken. Many phone calls later, I discovered that the "dog world" in Boston is concentrated around Beacon Hill, the South End and maybe Cambridge. Since I was planning to live in Jamaica Plain and our office was in South Boston, I may have well been on Mars. In addition, I have a 'difficult dog.' I have a reactive dog - doesn't get on with other dogs. Mostly when I am around, but then, I've not seen her when I'm not around. She barks and lunges on leash. Many folks will perceive this as aggressive, as in "I don't do aggressive dogs" which I heard a lot too. So I was looking for someone who was smart enough to tell the difference between reactive and aggressive, and was plugged into a positive style of training such that any bad behavior on the part of my dog wouldn't elicit a harsh correction. I had hoped that you would be good, and thank the Lord, in that small corner of South Boston, I found perhaps the best match for my sweet (and difficult) dog that I could've imagined. We'd spent enough time talking about training, philosophies and methods, that I knew that for several hours a week, I could completely stop worrying about Luna. That she would be cared for carefully and meticulously as if I had been there. As an added bonus, she adored you. I can't thank you enough for the many hours that you devoted to Luna (and the "tired time" after) and the subsequent hours I was thus able to devote to my job, and to"not-worrying" knowing that my dog was happy, played out and exhausted. It was a truly beautiful thing, and I am ever grateful.” - Karen